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Don’t Let Spring Showers Slow Your Kids Down: Our Top Rainy Day Activities in the Twin Cities

As Minnesotans, we know that the calendar arrival of spring certainly does not guarantee sunshine and short-sleeve temperatures. March, April, and even May can be filled with cold, rainy days (and let’s not count out one or two early spring snow storms!) that make us crave the warmth of summer even more. A few months ago, we came up with some ideas to keep the kids active during winter, but let’s explore a few rainy day activities in the Twin Cities to count on this spring!


Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for encouraging learning, and luckily, educational activities in the Twin Cities are plentiful. Here are a few educational activities we’d recommend checking out:

  • Como Zoo – If you’ve been there before, you know that the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory makes a perfect day trip any time of the year. Escape the rain and cold and wander around the garden domes filled with palm trees and exotic plants, and then head over to the Tropical Encounter which features free-flying birds, a sloth, and plenty of humidity. You and the kids will be able to learn about a variety of plants and animals while enjoying a tropical climate.

  • Sea Life at Mall of America – This is another adventure perfect for any animal-loving kid. Though a little more expensive than a day at Como, the Sea Life exhibit at the Mall of America (MoA) still offers rich hands-on learning experiences that will keep your children engaged and excited to learn more. From sharks to jellyfish, there are hundreds of species to learn about in this expansive exhibit.

  • Children’s Museum St. Paul – Kids of all ages will love the highly interactive environment that the Minnesota Children’s Museum provides. Let kids develop a scientific understanding of their surroundings, gain hands-on workshop experience, and stimulate creativity with a multitude of expertly designed exhibits.


Rainy days spent inside can induce some serious cabin fever in kids. If yours need to burn off some energy in a new environment, check out these active indoor activities in the Twin Cities that will tire your kids out in no time.

  • Edinborough Park – As the largest indoor play facility in Minnesota, you really can’t go wrong with Edinborough Park. With play areas designated for kids of all ages and even an indoor track and pool for those older than 16, this facility is a perfect place for the whole family to burn off energy on rainy spring days!

  • Your local gym – Be on the lookout for special events hosted at your local gym. YMCAs will often have open gym and family swim hours perfect for little ones.

  • Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America – Another local no-brainer, but always a trusted option for a rainy day. In addition to the seven acres of pure fun, the Mall of America also offers “Toddler Tuesday” where toddlers can play, meet their favorite movie characters, and do crafts for free or discounted rates. Many restaurants in the mall participate and let kids eat free during these limited hours!

Stay at Home

There are hundreds of more places around the metro region we could list, but maybe one of the best ways to make the best of a rainy spring day is to simply stay at home! You can keep kids busy at home by blending learning and play all while saving time and money required by visiting some of the previously listed activities. Here’s a quick list of ideas to try:

  • Build a fort

  • Sit down for story time

  • Throw a dance party

  • Bake cookies

  • Write and illustrate a children’s book

  • Play dress-up

Whether you’re at home or in a museum, there’s lots of fun to be had on those cold, rainy spring days we know so well. At Grow Pediatrics, we understand that balancing learning and play is critical to your child’s development. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, don’t hesitate and contact us!


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